About Me

Thank you for visiting my store, and taking the time to read this!

   Emery Does was founded in April 2021 from my home office, wherein I continue to produce and manage everything! After a long year of unfruitful job hunting in public health in 2020 and participating in regular therapy to cope with feeling directionless in life - I realized the only things I truly enjoyed doing could be accomplished from my own home, and with any luck people might buy the things I love to make.

   Sewing, painting, and creating of any kind what I'm into. The variety in my collections might have already informed you of this. My goal with this business is to continue to learn as an artist, and explore what it's like to share with the world outside of my head. I have too many ideas and not enough hours in the day, so stay tuned for some surprises! 

With love, Emery


Me at the Acton Farmers Market, 2021Preparing for 2 Christmas markets that were within 24 hours of each other.